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Holistic Solutions for Digital Accessibility

Crownpeak and ilumino have partnered to help clients create fully inclusive, accessible, and compliant digital experiences through a combination of technology, manual testing, and remediation to address the human element of web accessibility.

Automated Testing & Manual Audits

Human-powered manual audits and automated testing.

Get the best of both worlds with automated testing and manual audits for your digital assets. You’ll receive a detailed list of accessibility errors. Accessibility experts will review the errors and make recommendations on solutions. Our experts help you understand the specific errors, how to remedy them, and can even provide guidance on coding!

Code-level Remediation

Code-level remediation of accessibility errors by web developers.

Our code-level remediation services are delivered by Accessibility Experts, who happen to be Senior Web Developers. They understand accessibility in-and-out and can dive into your code to provide suggestions on how to structure it to make achieving accessibility easier. We’ll work with you to understand your workflows, mirror your deployment schedule, and establish a joint ticketing process, if necessary, to make achieving accessibility compliance a streamlined process.


Conformance documentation, including Accessibility Statements, Roadmaps and Vendor Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs).

We work with you to create Accessibility Statements, Roadmaps, and VPATs. Accessibility Statements relay your internal policies to communicate measures taken by your organization to show users your commitment to accessibility. VPATs are frequently used by businesses that sell to federal agencies as well as by government buyers who are required to assess technology for its level of accessibility when evaluating proposals from different vendors. Work with experts who understand these documents to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward!

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance that eliminates expensive re-audits.

It takes time and resources to get your digital assets up to par. We’ll be your partner in the ongoing journey including regular check-ins and the continuous automated and manual maintenance of your digital assets so you can confidently continue to promote you inclusivity. We make maintenance simple and manageable with our unique approach that incorporates monthly updates to your documentation.

Training & Education

Custom workshops, training, and webinars for your team.

Educate your team on your accessibility journey with tailored training for your organization that includes immersive educational training sessions. Our accessibility training is perfect for getting teams on board with an accessibility-first mindset. We’ll help inventory your digital assets and policies and identify how to incorporate accessibility methodologies into your existing workflows. Get your whole team up to speed by relying on the hands-on guidance of experts.

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