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Crownpeak + ilumino: Full-Coverage, Scalable Digital Accessibility

April 29, 2021
Crownpeak + Ilumino

Now, more than ever, websites are the front door to your customers’ experience with your brand. Providing an inclusive, equitable and accessible experience is critical but can be a complex and time-consuming process if not executed or managed strategically.

In an effort to be inclusive and follow best practices, companies have engaged readily available, out of the box piecemeal approaches to digital accessibility, leaving them frustrated, only partially remediated, and generally non-compliant.

Finally, a better way.

Crownpeak and ilumino have partnered to help clients more effectively address the human element of web accessibility by providing a holistic solution to help organizations accelerate their digital accessibility goals and develop efficient, scalable digital accessibility programs that can be implemented within current brand and digital standards.

The Crownpeak + ilumino solution combines the speed and efficiency of automated testing with strategic insights from a human-powered, technology-driven, dev-focused approach to provide a clear roadmap and guidance to conformance. This holistic approach provides the most efficient and effective solution to digital accessibility available today.

Read our partnership announcement to learn how you can:

  • Accelerate your accessibility program with trusted partners
  • Make real progress with tailored recommendations
  • Benefit from your investment in digital accessibility

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On Wednesday May 19th at 9am MST we will discuss practical steps and key learnings in deploying a joint automated plus human-powered testing digital accessibility solution.

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