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A joint solution for full coverage, scalable digital accessibility.

Finally, a better way.

Crownpeak and ilumino have partnered to help clients more effectively address the human element of web accessibility by providing a holistic solution to help organizations accelerate their digital accessibility goals and develop efficient, scalable digital accessibility programs that can be implemented within current brand and digital standards.
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Benefit from your investment in digital accessibility

No one-and-done reporting here. Our solution provides long-lasting benefits to your accessibility program through global insights, a developer pattern library, and an opportunity for improved automated testing based on manual findings over time.

Accelerate your accessibility program with trusted partners

We help organizations reach their accessibility goals quickly and efficiently by going beyond pass/fail reporting. Our experts help to report most common mistakes, deliver a prioritized product backlog, identify opportunities to streamline process efficiencies, and work with your team to define the best approaches on making progress.

Make real progress with tailored recommendations

No one-size-fits-all recommendations here. Those may or may not work for your brand and organization, resulting in only partial remediation of barriers for your users. Our experts will work with you on finding flexible solutions to solve accessibility issues that preserve your brand and user experience. The Crownpeak + ilumino approach to compliance is a mutual, collaborative discussion versus a static, inflexible report.

ilumino Partners with “A Doll Like Me” Charity

ilumino has partnered with the A Doll Like Me charity to help spread the global mission to change the narrative of how we see each other and to help promote an inclusive world in every respect.
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Our Promise to Our Clients

Always perform both automated and manual testing
Always help the client understand the process
Always provide long-term solutions
Never forget about the user experience
Never rely solely on third party technologies for conformance
Never use overlays or off-the-shelf solutions

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